The purpose of this website is to support those who choose to conduct spiritual warfare verbally. Our goal is to get the words that inspire us or that special Bible verse scripture deep inside, increasing your understanding. Those seeking Bible verse sustenance can find that the use of multiple translations leads to a better understanding. For me it was the 23rd Psalm, specifically verse 1, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”


There’s a world of difference between reading something on paper and getting it down deep in your soul.  The Psalm 23 Bible Verse Key is a translation collection compiled by me several years ago in an attempt to get the true meaning of this scripture down deep in my soul. 

The idea to compile many translations came about from my days in technical school during the internet infancy.  Thanks to a subscription to Safari books, (no online classes at that time), I found that each author framed the subject differently.  The syntax (principles by which words are arranged) of several authors, provided a fuller more complete understanding of the topic.


But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him – John 12:37.  This scripture described my state of mind that night, unable to sleep, a situation many of you have found yourselves in.  Sometimes when doubt might creep in, I’d open my King James Bible, or go online and listen to a sermon from one of my favorite pastors.

  • TD Jakes’s big picture of life preaching
  • Joyce Meyer’s everyday practical teaching
  • Joel Osteen’s inspirational musings

But not that night, I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I found myself at my bookshelf and the first book pulled down was the Psalm 23 Bible Verse Key. This book is a compilation of top 40 translations of the 23rd Psalm.

I felt the need to read it, to really get it this time. I decided to read each translation, but only the first verse, aloud. Once I finished, a feeling of calmness came over me, a sense of peace and comfort not previously experienced. The reading of multiple translations spoken out loud resulted in me finally getting it.

No longer bothered by the fear of possible outcomes, I slept soundly that night and every night since. 

This experience helped me to experience first hand the power of the spoken word. Also, multiple translations be it a technology topic, a Bible scripture or a set of inspirational quotes, can aid in understanding. So this is why we do this, ReadItSpeakIt, a collection of verse specific multi-translated Bible scripture cards.


Try working the practice of speaking inspiration out loud into an everyday routine like taking a shower. After you print the cards you might want to use a cheap sheet protector to hang them in the shower. It’s a private place and can be a good way to develop a daily routine.

I can’t tell you how many times a day to speak, only you know what feels right for you and of course you don’t want to force it.  Speaking inspiration is such a part of my life that I do it every morning in the shower, sometimes over meals and just before drifting off at night.  To my amazement I have found that these words speak back to me, maybe not at that moment however, I have experienced some of the most amazing results.


You have nothing to lose by applying this practice to your life.  Consciously speaking aloud the good we seek can bring you true understanding leading to peace – and Peace is Power. Peace is one of the most important spiritual tools we have. With peace we can effectively fight the challenges faced daily, be they physical, financial or emotional.

Be Blessed,